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Install Node.js and Npm on Linux SBC or Raspberry Pi

This is just a quick blog post explaining how you can install the latest version of Node.js in your Linux Single Board Computer (SBC) or Raspberry Pi.

In this example i am using Orange pi zero plus 2 as Linux Single Board Computer to explain.

Steps :
Login in to Orange Pi via ssh using Linux computer or if have windows based system use putty to login. see below picture for SSH login screen.


  1. Type ssh followed by device IP Address. Ex ssh
  2. Type yes and hit enter
  3. Enter the Device Password and hit Enter
  4. now you can see logged screen
  5. Enter the below command for add nodejs 11.x to repository                                                                sudo curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_11.x | bash -
  6. Type the below command for install nodejs                                                                               sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

After done nodejs installation type node -v / npm -v and hit enter in the Terminal for verify the nodejs installation and version.

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