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How to Use a Custom Keypad for Arduino

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to setup a 3X4 keypad on the Arduino. First I’ll explain how the Arduino detects key presses, then I’ll show you how to find the pinout of any keypad. As a simple example, I’ll show you how to print out the key presses on the LCD.

The buttons on a keypad are arranged in rows and columns. A 3X4 keypad has 4 rows and 3 columns.
Beneath each key is a membrane switch. Each switch in a row is connected to the other switches in the row by a conductive trace underneath the pad. Each switch in a column is connected the same way – one side of the switch is connected to all of the other switches in that column by a conductive trace. Each row and column is brought out to a single pin, for a total of 7 pins on a 3X4 keypad.

Connection details:

The pin connection for 3X4 keypads will look like this


Parts required:

  1. Arduino board
  2. 3X4 Keypad
  3. 16X2 LCD display with I2C interface
  4. Jumper wires


Once everything is connected, upload this code to the Arduino:


I2C Library
Keypad Library


see the below example output picture.


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