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How to Decode Any IR Remote Control Signal Using Arduino

In this tutorial We are going to learn how to decode the IR Remote Control signals using the Arduino. We can also decode any remote control. And use those remote control code in the arduino sketch to run any application. As we have seen, some devices are running using the ir remote. There is some kind of IR communication between the ir remote and the receiver devices who receive the ir signal.

The transmitter IR  sends a frequency signal instead of a simple IR light. Remote control or ir remote send the signal at long distance it sends the signal at some frequency like 38KHz.

At the receiver side, we use the Arduino IR receiver which is compatible to receive the frequency signal sent from the transmitter. If a signal is transmitted with a frequency of 38KHz then we need a receiver which is capable of receiving the signal of 38KHz.

Available TSOP with Different Carrier Frequencies

TSOP IR sensor receives a specific frequency signal as given in the table above.

Part List

  1. TSOP 1738
  2. Arduino Pro Mini
  3. 20x4 I2C LCD


  1. IR Remote Decoder with LCD Code Download
  2. IR Remote Library Download
  3. I2C Library Download

TSOP1738 Pinout

TSOP IR Receivers pin out details may vary, so check from official data sheet. 

TSOP1738 Application Circuit

IR Remote Control Decoder Arduino Connection

To decode the IR Remote Control we use the IRrecvDemo arduino sketch as given with the IR Remote Library. And connect the TSOP1738 to the arduino as given in the circuit above.



Check this video for IR Remote control with LCD output.

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