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Timer One Arduino Library for ATmega8

The ATmega8 provides 8 Kbytes of In-system programmable Flash. This is a low cost and less programmable memory space compare to other ATmega micro-controllers, For some of the projects we really required less programmable memory and low specification micro-controllers in that cause we can use ATmega8.

Most of my small projects usually i use ATmega328 micro-controller but some of the projects really ATmega328 is not required. so that in this cause i planned to use ATmega8, but i cannot find Timer one library for Atmega8 and existing Timer One library is not supporting ATmega8. However i modified the existing Timer One Library to use with ATmega8. Here i would like to share this library with all to use your projects. Download here
Note:  This library only works with ATmega8 micro-controller. 

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  1. I am having some trouble with serial communication when I used TimerOne Library. Please help me. Thanks in advance


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