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How to Setup a Raspberry Pi without a Monitor or Keyboard

Raspberry Pi is a very famous Single board computer for beginners, To lean many thinks related to Linux, Robotics, Computer, Home Automation and more. In this tutorial, I am going to share with you how to use a Raspberry Pi without monitor or keyboard on a new installation. All you required is Raspberry Pi with Power Supply, Micro SD Card, Internet Connection, Computer or Laptop, Ethernet Cable and Router.

Software requirement for this tutorial SDFormatter, Etcher, Putty, VNC Viewer.

Step 1: Prepare Micro SD Card

Download Raspbian Image from the Raspberry Pi download page. After download finish extract the image file in your computer local disk. Format your new Micro SD Card using SDFormatter software, don't forget to change the format size adjustment option to ON.
Now open the Ecther software and select the Raspbian extracted image, select the Micro SD Card then click start to write image files in to Micro SD Card. Wait until get the  successful completion message.

After received the completed, you will open the Micro SD Card in your File Explorer and create a dummy file name called ssh without any extension. Now Micro SD Card is ready to use.

Step 2: Connect Raspberry Pi

Now inset the prepared Micro SD Card in to Raspberry Pi Card slot, Connect the Ethernet cable to Router, power on the Raspberry Pi and Router as well. After Raspberry Pi successful boot, open Router page to get Raspberry Pi IP Address. Once you see the Raspberry Pi IP Address in your Router page open the Putty software to connect the Raspberry Pi vis SSH. Putty will popup the security alert click yes. Once putty connected with raspberry pi, type the default user name and password to login.

Username : pi
Password : raspberry



Step 3 : Configure Raspberry Pi

Type sudo raspi-config to configure the raspberry pi and type the sudo password (raspberry) if required.

In this menu select the  5.Interfacing options then select P3 VNC and hit enter. would you like the VNC Server to be enabled? click Yes. Click Finish and reboot the raspberry pi.

Step 4 : Connect Raspberry Pi

Open VNC Viewer from computer/ Laptop to connect raspberry pi. select File --> New connection, in the form enter the raspberry pi IP Address and give name select ok to complete.

Now open the raspberry pi icon created by you. now you can see the raspberry pi screen from your computer/laptop screen. yes we made it. Video link will come soon.

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