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Hi Friends, here we are going to see the Home automation v02, for Home automation v03 click here.
In this version of home automation we used customised printed circuit board, see bellow for fully assembled PCB for your view.

PCB Front Side

PCB Rear Side

LCD Display


Web user interface controls (Web UI);
Real time Clock with on/off relay control;
WebSocket Server;
Event Logging;
Realtime Clock sync with NTP time;
Realtime Clock sync with system time;
multicast DNS (connect without IP Address using name http://ediys.local);
Customisable switch labels;
20x4 LCD display for show clock, IP address & server status;
On/Off control from anywhere from the world (internet required);
Static IP/ DHCP selection;
Configurable server settings (mqtt);
OTA software update;
LCD display controls;
LCD i2c address detect and assigning at startup;
mqtt protocol support;
and etc......

LCD Display

Web page screenshots

1. Dashboard

2. Timer Enable/Disable

3. About

4. General Settings

5. Server Settings

6. IP Settings

7. IoT Settings

8. User Settings

9. System Logs

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