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 In this page we are going to see the latest version of  Home Automation system using ESP8266. This version of the development is most user friendly and included some of the features that essentially we needed. Added manual switch control and fan speed control function as a new hardware in this board, so that we can able to do on/off control from manual single way switch also. currently fan speed control from web page. for previous version of the home automation see this links HOME AUTOMATION v01HOME AUTOMATION v02

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PCB Front Side

PCB Rear Side

LCD display

Wi-Fi relay control (6 relay +1 fan speed) 


1. 6channel WiFi on/off 

2. Web based control

3. Control from anyware (internet required)

4. Timer for on/off

5. Daily,weekly repeat function for timer

6. Control from normal single way switch

7. Events logging

8. Real time clock and NTP

9. Configurable server settings

10. Customisable switch lables

11. multicast DNS

12. Static ip/dhcp

13. OTA software update

14. LCD display for clock and status

15. Fan speed control

16. Hardware Reset

17. etc..........

Connection Details

LCD Connection Details

User web pages Screen Short

The below pages for normal user or everyday use

1. Dashboard

2. Timer Page

3. Contact

4. About

Advanced user web pages

This web pages for advanced users because of this pages contain the home automation settings so that we are not recommended to use normal users.

1. General settings

2. Wifi settings

3. IP settings

4. User settings

5. System logs

For web page view see below video 

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